"A Photographer is only as good as their last Photo so every Photo I shoot will be spectacular "


D. Adolphus Stewart otherwise known as “Adolphusthephotographer” is a born and raised New Yorker through and through whose artistic passions lead him to the world of Food Photography. His reasoning is because even as a youth he saw the elegance, beauty, and intimacy that comes along with all food has to offer. He’s well versed in photography, being primarily self-taught Adolphus ensured that he knew how to shoot a beautiful photo before the need for digital alterations. That’s why he choose to learn with an analog cameras before switching over to digital later on. His passion for photography well exceeds the scope of just food he also does personal photo shoots such as weddings and special events. As such Adolphus always makes sure to be super flexible to the needs of the people he is photographing. As he continues to progress down his artistic path he won’t forget the words of his first mentor Carlos “Not if something goes wrong, when something goes wrong click man click.” 

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